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Have you noticed that the best of the best have coaches? Athletes, performers, CEOs.

Well, it’s not just for wealthy celebrities and successful business owners. Coaching for your relationship will help you bust through your relationship challenges and create the change you most want to see – FAST and with a lot less hassle.

Having a relationship expert on your side helps you to bust through the toxic patterns and personal blocks that you may not realise are there. We’ll help you to stay on track with the program, and be 100% accountable to creating change.

Basically, 1:1 support from us is the surest and fastest way to get where you want to be.

Personalised coaching on your schedule, from the privacy of your own home

You’ve got a full, busy life. We get it. This needs to work for you and your schedule.

We work with clients all over the world, from all different time zones, with all different backgrounds and life demands. High performing CEOs, stay at home parents and rotating shift workers. Business owners, authors and Hollywood celebrities. We’ve made it work with every single one of them.

We only work with a select number of clients at a time, so we can fit in with your life and your schedule. So you get 100% flexibility, all from the privacy of your own home.

How It Works:

choose who you want the sessions with – Jodie, Reece or the two of us together


use your coaching calls anytime over the space of 2 months


easily book in a time with access to our online calendar


connect with us over Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom - whatever works best

The coaching upgrade includes 4 x 1 hour, personal Skype sessions with us to help support you through the program and take you deeper in your relationship.
You’ll Also Get:

personalised exercises tailored to your exact needs and the needs of your relationship


an mp3 copy of your calls so you can revisit them at any time for a refresher


unlimited email access to us for the duration of our coaching, with follow up email support an additional 1 month after project completion

We Focus on 3 Things:

1. Where you are now
2. Where you want to go
3. How to get there

It’s like having your own personal cheerleader for your life and your relationship – except that we ask the important questions and help you create the right playbook.

Bring any personal or relationship challenge you have. Big or small. We’ll unpack it, help you to get to the core of the issue and and replace your biggest challenges with practical solutions.

Because we know that as humans, we’re complex, multifaceted creatures. And it’s all interrelated. That’s why ongoing coaching can be so powerful and help you to create even better results.

Here’s what some of our clients say about working with us:

“I’m a more loving, authentic, happier version of myself”

“I didn’t know what to expect and what would come out of coaching with Jodie, but I was super surprised at how much has changed when I look back over the last few months. I had initially hoped that it would change the fear I had around intimacy, how that related to the shame I felt in myself and how much I was NOT in tune with myself. I didn’t realise that shifting these things would tie into other aspects of my life so closely. Not only do I now feel comfortable with intimacy, I am also more confident and successful in my business, relationships and life in general. Basically I feel like a more loving, authentic, happier version of myself, and that’s what we all want isn’t it?”


Personal Trainer

Gold Coast, Australia

“Reece helped me to unlock my creativity, my career and my relationship.”

“When I came to Reece I had a lot of shame around sex and fears about relationships that I didn’t know how to resolve. I was also frustrated with my ongoing efforts to unlock my musical creativity. I’d been to counsellors and psychologists and consumed a lot of self help over the last 5 years but the major changes I wanted just hadn’t occurred.

From the very beginning Reece demonstrated a degree of acceptance and belief in me that I have never experienced before. He helped me to take control of my own internal narrative. I was finally able to make big strides in areas that matter very deeply to me – I’ve written and produced numerous songs, developed a new perspective on my work and found the courage to take action in my relationship that was previously too frightening for me to contemplate.

My future is now so much clearer and less scary to me. Now I know that to achieve anything great, I have to love and be happy with myself first and then trust and believe that I can do great things before I set out to do them.

Reece has turned out to be the wise male mentor I wish I’d had all my life. So much pain could have been avoided if I’d had these lessons long ago – but then I wouldn’t be who I am, and I love who I am now, thanks to the work I did with Reece.”


Newcastle, Australia

“Jodie changed my life”

“I know people have thrown around the term “(so-and-so) has changed my life” but this time when I say it, it’s not BS and could not be more accurate. Before meeting Jodie I had depression, anxiety, a total lack of motivation for my life and sexually I had gone from having a high sex drive to a non existent one for two years. I had a serious worry that I would never be interested in sex ever again in my life. I was at rock bottom. After working 1:1 with Jodie, I now feel sexually empowered and so very proud of the person I have become. I have confidence in myself and motivation to go out and be the total boss woman that I am! I’ve learned something I’ve never had before – total compassion for myself.

Jodie and I worked together so I could break through the barriers in all aspects of my life and believe in myself. She gave me the mental tools that will help catch me when I fall, so that it’s not too hard and that I can support myself to get back up on track. I’m so proud of the person I’ve become because of the work Jodie and I did together and I realised myself that I’m pretty awesome. This’s how Jodie has changed my life.


Melbourne, Australia

“I’m now living life on my terms.”

“Reece has helped me get in touch with an unprecedented sense of self-empowerment. I now feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, self- compassion, and belonging on a daily basis, as if I was plucked from the ether and plopped right here on earth to do exactly what it is I’m doing in every moment.

Reece has helped me shatter the old script and replace it with one entirely designed by myself. I’m no longer waiting in line. I’ve hopped the turnstile, and I’m living life on my own terms.”




“I was hesitant at first…but this work was a complete game changer for me”

“I was hesitant about coaching at first because I felt that I would be judged and seen as weak. But after taking the plunge and putting myself out there, I can now say it was more than worth it. It has been a life changer.

My outlook on life had changed dramatically. I don’t feel the need to impress anyone but myself. I feel more connected with myself than ever before. I feel feelings and emotions,… and to be honest – I like it!”


Business Development Manager

Brisbane, Australia

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Re-Ignite Your Love Life is carefully designed to give you everything you need to get your sex life back on track. If you know you’re ready to do the work, no questions asked, then you probably don’t need coaching.

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If you know you’ve got some deep, life-changing work to do…

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If you get stuck along the way, you can just book in a time and we’ll help you get unstuck. No more struggling alone, second guessing whether you’re doing it ‘right’, or wishing you could get a second opinion.

1:1 coaching is the most powerful way we create results for our clients. Normally it costs thousands to work with us, but we’re giving you a unique opportunity to get that same support for a fraction of the cost.

If it feels like the right fit for you, we’d love to see you on a call.


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