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Everything you need to unleash your full personal power and create a thriving, kick-ass relationship.


Solve Your Toughest Conflicts… For Good.

Tired of the blaming, shaming, defensiveness, silent treatment, and passive-aggressive huffing and puffing that usually goes along with disagreements?

Learn our expert communication strategies to help you confidently navigate conflicts so you both feel heard, connected, and reach a resolution you’re both happy with.


Is Sex A Problem In Your Relationship?

Ever wondered why so many relationships go from ‘hot sex’ to ‘no sex’?

Learn why this happens… and more importantly, EXACTLY what to do to enjoy more passionate, connected, and fulfilling sex than when you first met…

…even if right now, that seems like a million miles away.

couple struggling with sex problem in relationship

Abundance Kick-Assery – Sort Your Money Shit Out & Feel More Abundant

The no-BS guide to managing your money & becoming financially savvy. Without gimmicks, get-rich-quick schemes, or selling a kidney.

Your Seasonal Cycle – Unlock The Wisdom Of Your Menstrual Cycle Phases

Your Seasonal Cycle is the complete guide to help you balance your hormones naturally, fix your period problems, and unleash your full feminine power.
Your Seasonal Cycle Includes

Jade Egg Essentials – The Smart Woman’s Guide To The Jade Egg & Full Pussy Powah!

Strengthen your pelvic floor, release tension & trauma, and reignite your sexual fire. No fluff, no complicated rituals. Just easy to follow, powerful routines that will leave you loving your V parts – inside AND out.
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