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Wave goodbye to the BS holding you back and start living as your most confident self. Deeper CONNECTION, more JOY, and unshakable ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life.

Are You Feeling Like a Red-Hot Mess?

Maybe no one else can tell, but on the inside it feels like you’re falling apart.

You’re exhausted from constantly spinning your wheels. There’s lots of DOING going on – work, kids, adulting – but you’re kinda wondering… “What’s the freaking point?”

Life is happening, sure. You’re actually kick-ass in a lot of ways. But somehow, you just don’t feel right.

There’s something gnawing away at you – that’s making you feel crazy – ’cause you can’t stop thinking about it…

Maybe it’s your relationship that’s got you up at night…

The arguments. The disconnection. The loneliness. You want to get back to that place of deep connection and passion (or go there for the very first time). But you’ve got no idea what that looks like or how to make it happen.

Maybe you’re struggling through the loss of a recent breakup...

You’re ready to find yourself again and get on with life – gracefully and more empowered than ever before. But right now, you’re floundering and can’t see a way out.

Or maybe it’s just time to wave goodbye to your nasty inner critic...

To step into your full power & potential. To do whatever awesome thing you’ve come here to do. Whether it’s changing careers, starting a business or following your creative passion, you’re ready to live as bigger version of yourself. Your way, on your own terms.

The one thing you know for certain is that you want something MORE. You’re not willing to settle for same shit, different day.

I get it, because I’ve been there. I didn’t realise what was happening until my whole life came unravelled back in 2012 (you can read more about that here).

But the good news is this:

All this inner turmoil is a sign you’re on the edge of something awesome.

But wtf is it? How do you find it? And how do you make it happen?

If you’re done struggling by yourself, trying to work this out… If you know that books and online courses just ain’t gonna cut it anymore…

Jodie Milton Women's Coach

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

You’re In The Right Place

Jodie Milton Women's Coach

Hi, I’m Jodie Milton, a relationship, intimacy & empowerment coach for women.

I help passionate, creative, kick-ass women fulfil their life & love dreams.

My women’s empowerment coaching program is for women just like you. Because I know more IS possible.

You Just Need The Right Support

I’ll help you bust through your blocks, make sense of your relationship, and heal the wounds that are holding you back. So you can start rocking YOU again.

I get it, because I’ve been there. And I’ve discovered that I have a talent for helping women embrace their power. To tame their inner critic and start living their passion. To find their voice. To live unapologetically as their most radiant, confident selves.

I’ve helped hundreds of women own their personal power, to transform their sex life, and up-level their relationship. And I’m here, ready to help you do the same.

woman receiving relationship coaching

Relationship Coaching

You can have a fulfilling, connected relationship (without the drama).

Empowerment Coaching

You can live your passion and become the woman you most want to be.

Woman receiving female empowerment coaching
woman receiving intimacy and sexuality coaching

Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching

You can step into your sexual power and enjoy more pleasure & fulfilment.

Back In Touch With My Feminine Power

Back In Touch With My Feminine Power

Emma Dean, Musician & Performer, Australia

    

“I’ve made the changes to get back in touch with myself and my feminine power. I have never felt more alive, aware, and in tune with myself. Thank you Jodie for awakening the goddess in me!”

Female Empowerment Coach

This Ain’t No One-Size-Fits-All

My female empowerment coaching program creates tailor-made change in YOUR life. Using a unique, personalised, and empowerment-focused approach, you get LIFE-CHANGING insights and the exact strategies and tools you need to TRANSFORM.

Uncover the blocks that are sabotaging you and uproot them for good.

Stop second guessing yourself & finally embrace your most confident, unapologetic self.

Unlock your inner creativity and discover a whole new way of self-expression and inspired living.

Fall in love with your beautiful body, from the inside out.
Tap into your sensuality to experience more pleasure & bliss during sex. You’ll feel more radiant, sexy, and alive.
Learn how to set boundaries, communicate your needs, & get what you want without feeling needy, guilty, or ‘too much’.
Heal your wounds around love, relationships and self – & create relationships that truly fulfil you.
Reignite the passion, deepen the connection & embrace conflict with ease.
Making Myself My #1 Priority

Making Myself My #1 Priority

Charmaine Kemister-Sheppard, Graphic Designer, Australia

    

“Without Jodie’s feminine empowerment coaching I’d still be struggling through every day with that burning desire to know who I am and what I want. Now, I’m expressing myself more fully, experiencing life in the present, and making myself my #1 priority. My relationship with myself and my husband has re-awakened with passion and desire. Thank you Jodie!”

Women’s Coaching Is PERFECT For You If:

You’re An Intelligent, Capable Woman

C’mon, own it! You’re yearning for a more fulfilling life, relationship, or career. Maybe all three. But right now you’re feeling lost about how to make it happen.

Your Relationship Is Important...

But it’s not fulfilling you in the way you most want – and that needs to change. You’re here for deep connection, soul-drenched intimacy, and life-long passion.

There’s A 'Thing' You Really Want

But you’re scared to even speak it out loud. You’re terrified of failure because you don’t feel confident in yourself to reach out and claim it.

You’re Reeling From A Break-Up

And you’re trying to make sense of the pieces. You need help feeling clear and stable again, so you can move forward confidently and gracefully.

You’re A Confident, Take-No-Crap Woman

But you feel a bit of shame around not being more of a ‘flowing sensual goddess’. You want to feel connected to your sexuality in a way that feels authentic, not some idea of how it ‘should’ be.

You’re Ready To Silence The Inner Critic

And let go of the anxiety so you can be more free and joyous in the world. It’s time to step into your power and start enjoying life on your own terms.

But Not For You If:

You're Not Ready To Take Responsibility

You’d rather blame everything and everyone else, and you’re not willing to look at your own baggage.

You’re Not Ready To Invest In Yourself

Or do the real, deep, not-so-glamorous inner work. The kind of coaching I offer isn’t for the faint hearted.

You're Looking For A Guru With All The Answers

That ain’t me. I’m here to help you find YOUR truth. This process is a collaboration – we’re in it together.

Being The Boss Woman That I Am

Being The Boss Woman That I Am

Sarah, Australia

    

“When I met Jodie I was at rock bottom. Now, I’m so proud of the woman I’ve become. There aren’t enough words to do Jodie justice. She’s an incredible, inspiring, amazing person. She made me feel important and safe to share everything with. Because of the work we did together, I now have the confidence and the motivation to be the total boss woman that I am!”

female empowerment coaching

Take A Courageous Step

Here’s the thing about coaching – you’ve got to try it before you can know how truly life-changing it is. Not only that, every coach is different.

How do you know if I’m the right women’s empowerment coach for you?

Maybe you’ve heard great things about me from your bestie (thanks bestie!). Maybe you’re vibing with everything you’re reading here. Maybe you’ve been following our blog and you’re pretty sure we’re a good fit.

Before it’s a HELL YES, let’s meet. You want to be sure you’re in the right place, and I want to be sure I can help you get where you want to go.

I only work with clients who I know I can get life-changing results for. So the first step is to jump on a complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Call.

Take the first step and book in a time to chat below.

Ready To Unleash Your Power?

Book your free 90 minute discovery call to get started. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Schedule a time on my calendar below. Choose a time where we can speak privately without distractions.

Step 2
Complete the application form. It contains a few quick questions to help me prepare for your session and assess whether or not I can help you.
Step 3
Have your complimentary strategy call. I’ll help you get clear on how to move forward. If you’d like my help to implement the plan we put together, we can discuss that as well.
All information submitted is strictly confidential
“Thank you so much for today’s session. Just that one call has had a tremendously positive effect on my mental health. I feel so liberated and I can’t thank you enough.”

G. Foster


life coaching for women

You Too Can Become One Of My Women’s Empowerment Coaching Success Stories

Check out more of the AMAZING results my clients have achieved:

From transforming their marriage and creating deeper emotional connection… to reigniting their passion and desire for sex… to ditching the day job and launching successful companies… this is what my clients have to say about working with me.

My Marriage Feels Brand New

My Marriage Feels Brand New

Sue Deakin, Author & Teacher, Australia

    

“I was struggling to feel connected with my husband of 28 years. Now, my marriage feels brand new and I understand my husband in a whole new way. I’m excited by my life again, and I feel like a new woman. I feel so blessed to have found Jodie and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reconnect to themselves or their partner.”

More Connected To My Feminine Self

More Connected To My Feminine Self

Claire Weller, Australia

    

“Jodie is an absolute mastermind in the field of women’s health, wellness, and sensuality. As someone who’s struggled with hormonal imbalances for many years, I’m feeling so much more connected to my feminine self.

I can’t recommend Jodie enough for any woman who wants to feel more well and connected – or those seeking solutions for hormonal imbalances and feminine challenges.”

Tackling The Issues Head On

Tackling The Issues Head On

Toni C., USA

    

“I wanted to feel free and strong in my decisions, and tackle the issues in my relationship head on, instead of running away like I usually do. I consider myself pretty self-aware, but sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the judgements in my head.

Jodie’s support gave me the freedom to explore my issues in a way that suited me. My beliefs have been challenged, reevaluated, reassessed, and seen in a light that I couldn’t see on my own. That’s been SUPER helpful, and our sessions were fun! ”

A New Level Of Confidence

A New Level Of Confidence

Alisha, Canada

    

“Jodie empowered me to believe in myself and find a new level of love and confidence. She was the angel on my shoulder, championing me to hold my head high and reach for the stars. We could all use a little more Jodie in our life.”

I’m Making Money Doing What I Love

I’m Making Money Doing What I Love

Rebecca Collins, Relationship Coach, UK

    

“I’d been sitting on my dreams for years, trying all these different methodologies to ‘fix’ myself. I was stuck wondering if it would ever be possible to create the life I desired. After 6 months of working with Jodie, I now have a real coaching practice with clients who LOVE my work.

I’m creating a way bigger vision for my business, and for the first time in my life, I’m making money doing what I love. Jodie helped me to believe that I really am great at what I do, AND that people value it. She was the gentle nudge, and the loving safety net, for me to finally step out and do what I’ve wanted to do for so long.”

I've Never Felt So Healthy

I've Never Felt So Healthy

Ari B., USA

    

“I first signed up for women’s coaching because I felt like I didn’t know myself. That reflected in my confidence, my relationships, and how I carried myself. It’s crazy to look back and think about where I was only months ago.

Jodie was everything I could have dreamed of as a coach and I got exactly what I needed and wanted. She created a safe space for me to work through hardships, insecurities, and I’ve never felt so healthy. From the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful.”

I'm Thriving Again

I'm Thriving Again

Dahna Borg, Australia

    

“I had a session with Jodie after a bout of severe anxiety and depression. Her knowledge and empathy made this one of the most informative and helpful sessions I’ve ever had. I came away feeling more like myself, armed with tools I could implement, and I’m once again thriving. I highly recommend Practical Intimacy, they truly know their stuff!”

Achieving What I Want

Achieving What I Want

Jayne, Australia

    

“Coaching with Jodie was incredibly helpful. She challenged the negative beliefs I had about myself, helping me realise how false they were. She reinforced that I am capable of achieving what I want to achieve and gave me useful resources and skills to enable me to achieve my goals. I would definitely turn to Jodie again for coaching. You rock sister!”

A Powerful Space For Transformation

A Powerful Space For Transformation

Silja Kulo, Finland

    

“Jodie’s way of coaching – her beautiful energy and the way she puts her heart and soul into what she does – creates such a powerful space for personal transformation. She helped me understand myself, be in flow with my cycle, and to fully love and embrace my body. Her work is amazing.”

A Happier Version Of Myself

A Happier Version Of Myself

Rosie Johnson, Entrepreneur, Australia

    

“Looking back at the last few months I’m surprised by how much has changed. I used to have so much fear around intimacy, and shame about NOT being in tune with myself.

Not only do I now feel comfortable with intimacy, I’m also more confident and successful in my business, relationships, and life in general. Basically I’m a more loving, authentic, and happier version of myself.”

On A Journey Home

On A Journey Home

Leah, Canada

    

“When I began working with Jodie, I was looking for someone to fix me. She’s the only person in my life who has allowed me to see that I was never broken in the first place.

This work is not for the faint hearted. It will take every ounce of courage you have to truly, deeply, and honestly look inside yourself. But it will also allow you to embark on a journey home… and trust me, Jodie’s the travelling companion you want by your side.”

Feeling Mentally Stronger

Feeling Mentally Stronger

Ellen Watson, USA

    

“I was struggling with an overactive negative internal dialogue that would keep me up at night and make me feel hopeless about ever truly accepting who I was as a person. I really wanted to change how I thought about myself and start living a life without internal judgment. I had adopted a very limiting identity that kept me stuck in the same self-destructive patterns.

Working with Jodie helped me to finally shift my thought process to a more forgiving and optimistic outlook, and I now see my worth. I feel mentally stronger than I have in years, and I enjoy living my life as exactly the person I am. I no longer feel that there is something broken inside me that needs to be fixed.

I have never met a more helpful and understanding person in my life. I was able to share things about myself that I have never said out loud before. Jodie’s acceptance and non-judgement made me feel lighter than I had in years. She has this comforting energy that made me feel like I had known her for years. This experience has been life changing and I’m forever grateful.

It’s Time To Sort This Out For Good

Don’t waste any more of your One Precious Life feeling unfulfilled.

If there’s a voice inside telling you that something needs to CHANGE…

If you’ve got that knowing that you’re meant for something BIGGER…

If you’re sick of HIDING from yourself, pretending that everything is fine…

Then listen to that inner guidance.

You’re not here by mistake. You’re ready to BECOME the woman you came here to be, and to live the life that truly lights you up.

The time is NOW.

And I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way.

Jodie Milton Women's Empowerment Coach

Hi! I’m Jodie Milton

Relationship, intimacy, and empowerment coach for women, writer and co-creator of Practical Intimacy. I help women live their most fulfilling life by learning to love themselves first (inside n’ out). I also work alongside my spunky husband Reece to help couples enjoy deeper intimacy and connection.

We’re passionate about helping people create heart-melty kinda relationships – with themselves, their partner, and the people that matter most in their lives. Cause love is what makes life worth living.

I’m all about the simple things – good coffee, cat snuggles, and spending time in nature. I’m also an epic travel junkie – roaming the world in search of exotic birds and the perfect taco.