Unlock The Wisdom of Your Menstrual Cycle Phases

Your Seasonal Cycle is the complete guide to help you balance your hormones naturally, fix your period problems, and unleash your full feminine power.

Ready To Unleash The Power Of Your Period?

To balance your hormones naturally and say goodbye to your period problems?

To finally let go of self-judgment and live your best life as a woman?

I’m going to show you how the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle hold the key to living a happier, healthier, more radiant you.

How it will help you create deep self-love and whole-hearted acceptance of your body.

How it can unlock the life of your dreams.

Sound a little out there?

Trust me, this 6 week course is going to change your life.

‘Cause when you’re fighting hormonal imbalance and you’re out of alignment with your cycle, life can be HARD.

Sure, some days you feel great. You’re energised, on top of things and inspired by life. You’re all over it at work, the kids have matching socks and your relationship is cozy and happy. You’re even exercising and eating healthy. Yeah, you rock at this whole life thing!

But then one morning, you suddenly wake up and don’t want to get out of bed. You have no energy, and the thought of #adulting is way too much. You just want to hide under the covers and let the day go on without you.

But it’s not just that. There are all the other symptoms, too. The acne, the period cramps, the low libido, the emotional roller coaster-ing. The bloating, the moodiness and the binge-eating.

Over and over again. Hello self-judgement.

Why does everything feel like a struggle? Why can’t you be more consistent? Is it supposed to be this hard?

This is what happens when you don’t understand your hormones, your menstrual cycle or how to heal your hormonal imbalance. It’s like you’re fighting against your own body every single cycle.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

The problem is, we’re never taught how our female bodies really work. We don’t understand the phases of our menstrual cycle, how to get our hormones in balance, or how to get the best out of our period.

We don’t know how to read the signs of our bodies. So we end up burning out, getting frustrated, and becoming completely overwhelmed.

You end up asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

But the truth is, there’s nothing wrong. And you’re not broken. You simply haven’t figured out how your cycle, hormones, or your female body really works yet.

(Which is not your fault. No one ever taught us this stuff in school.)

But here’s your chance to unlock your full potential as a woman.

Everything you need to know is right here, waiting for you.

Unlock Your Menstrual Wisdom & the Power of Your Period.

Your cycle is so much more than just your period.

Your cycle affects everything from your energy levels, your cognitive state, your nutritional needs, your sex drive, your weight – even how your skin looks throughout the month.

It’s the biggest secret that women are not talking about. And it’s costing us big time.

Because the truth is, most of what we expect from ourselves and our bodies – from productivity to how we show up in the world – is really only suited to the male hormonal cycle.

But we don’t run on an every-day-is-the-same kind of model.

Our female bodies are different, so our needs are different too.

Knowing how to align with your menstrual cycle and your female hormones will completely revolutionise your personal AND your professional life.

I’ll show you how.
Introducing the

Your Seasonal Cycle

6 Week Online Feminine Empowerment Course
Discover the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and how they hold the secret to living your fullest feminine potential.

Get rid of painful periods, stop the emotional rollercoaster – AND fall in love with your body while you do it.

Your Seasonal Cycle Includes

Over 25 videos, 15+ hours of trainings, pdf worksheets, audio exercises, recipes & more!

Get instant access to the private Member’s Area with all 6 Modules, trainings and support resources available straight away.
Each module includes videos, audio files, worksheets and exercises, all designed to help you learn fast and effectively.
All materials are accessible online through a private members-only site. View them anywhere, anytime through your internet connection on desktop, mobile or tablet.
Get lifetime access to all of the materials. Work at a pace that suits you.

Get personalised support and email access with me for all of your cycle-related questions. I’ve got your back!


Streaming videos




Guided Audio Practices

Lifetime Access

Watch out world – my hormonal superpowers are ready for you!

“Wow Jodie. You are an absolute mastermind in the field of women’s health, wellness and sensuality. As someone who’s struggled with hormonal imbalances for many years, I am feeling so much more connected to my feminine self.

I can’t recommend this course enough for any woman who wants to feel more well and connected – or those seeking solutions for hormonal imbalances and feminine challenges.”


Claire Weller, Australia

Let’s Take a Look Inside the Your Seasonal Cycle Program…


Your Cycle Essentials

  • Your Cycle In-Depth: Everything you need to know about hormones and how to track your cycle the right way.
  • Getting To Know Your Female Body: The full low-down on your female body and how she really works.
  • Vagina Care 101: Learn the do’s and don’ts for getting the best from your V parts (everything we SHOULD have learned in school).

Winter: Learn to Love Your Period

  • Decoding Your Period: From the colour of your flow to the length of your cycle, understand what your period is telling you (& how to fix it).
  • Tuning into Winter: From diet to exercise, the how-to for a trouble free period.
  • Enhancing Your Winter Superpowers: Discover the unexpected gifts of this phase, from deeper intuition to the power of your inner wild woman.

Spring: A Productivity Superstar

  • Tuning into Spring: Understand your follicular phase, and how to set yourself up for happy hormones.
  • Enhancing Your Spring Superpowers: Learn how to use the gifts of this phase to feel more confident, energised, and productive.
  • Body Alignment: The everyday habits that are hurting your body – and how to protect against prolapse, incontinence, and other serious health issues.

Summer: Your Sensual Potential

  • Tuning into Summer: Deepen your understanding of ovulation and how to boost your fertility – naturally.
  • Awaken Your Sensual Goddess: Tap into the sensuality of this phase and embrace your sacred sexuality.
  • Get The Low-Down on Sex: How sexual arousal changes your body, how to boost sexual desire and experience more pleasure.


Autumn: Secrets to Managing PMS

  • Tuning into Autumn: Understanding your luteal phase, hormonal imbalance, and why we experience PMS.
  • Enhancing Your Autumn Superpowers: Learn the gifts of this phase for greater peace, fulfilment, and self-love.
  • Say Goodbye to PMS: How to balance your hormones and say goodbye to PMS – including the exact foods, supplements, and practices that’ll change your life.

Healthy Hormones For Life

  • The 4 Keys to Happy Hormones: The simple protocol to follow to balance your hormones – for life.
  • The Fertile Diet: The right foods to balance your hormones and boost your fertility.
  • Testing Your Hormones: Your options for detailed hormone testing (and how to understand the results) so you feel confident and in control of your hormonal health.
No more painful periods or intense PMS

“Before I understood my cycle I felt blah about hormones. I was in the dark about whether my body was functioning properly or not.

Now I’m enjoying my phases, using this information to plan my life around my predictable energy levels, and feel more confident that my body is doing exactly what it’s meant to!”

Sarah, Australia

For Each Unique Phase of Your Cycle, You Will…


Get the exact hormone balancing foods to eat throughout your cycle

Discover the natural way to treat hormonal imbalance - that works for YOUR body

Plan your month for maximum productivity, health & wellbeing


Get the best exercise routines for the 4 menstrual cycle phases

Unlock your hormonal superpowers

Take charge of your libido & supercharge your sex life


PLUS all my best recommendations for cycle bliss

Get the low down on the best superfoods for women, the right supplements to balance your hormones, the complete cycle-aligned exercise routine, and hormone friendly self-care products to keep your cycle bursting with love.

PLUS special rituals to take you deeper into the sacred energies of the 4 menstrual cycle phases. Including step-by-step recipes, meditation mp3s, exercise videos, mantras, and journaling exercises. All my favourite resources collected over years of research, right at your finger tips.

I’m in awe of my body!

“Before Jodie’s help I struggled with the hormonal emotional rollercoaster. Now I’m able to recognise the changes in my mood and understand why they are happening. I’ve also been able to truly appreciate my body and I’m in awe of what it can do.”

Emma – Web Development Mentor

Your Season Cycle is Perfect For You if:

You're passionate about health & wellness

Knowing and aligning with your cycle is the key to true vitality. Learn how to work with your body, not against it.

You feel stuck

This is a feminine approach to lifestyle design that works. Learn how to move through obstacles with grace and ease, and get totally re-inspired by your life.

You want to practice natural contraception

100% free of synthetic hormones, pills, implants, or invasive devices. This course includes training on how to practice Fertility Awareness Method, so you can avoid pregnancy, naturally.

You have awful PMS, emotional roller-coastering, or painful periods

Take back control of your body. With this simple, effective approach you’ll get your hormones on track and say goodbye to menstrual woes once and for all.

You're thinking of having children in the future

Fertility health is not something we think about until it’s suddenly important. But waiting until you’re ready to have children leaves you on the back foot. Get empowered now.
Your Seasonal Cycle

6 Week Online Course


LIFETIME ACCESS to all 6 online modules to get you aligned and in flow with your cycle


PLUS my Personal Resource Library full of the best cycle recommendations, period hacks, recipes and journaling exercises (valued at $200)


PLUS Personal, 1:1 Support & Mentorship from me via email (valued at $500)


BONUS Your Seasonal Cycle Yoga Classes: 4 specially designed yoga sequences by yoga teacher Rebecca Crowther so you can exercise in harmony with your hormones (valued at $250)


BONUS Natural Contraception Training so you can avoid pregnancy 100% naturally (and it’s just as effective as The Pill) (valued at $150)

(Valued at over $1,000)

Choose the Your Seasonal Cycle payment plan
that’s right for you:
1x Payment of
4x Weekly Payments

Your Seasonal Cycle comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We’re so sure that this course works that we’re willing to back it with our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied, simply email us within the first 14 days and we’ll refund you. No questions asked.

*Read the terms for more details.

Birth Control Empowerment: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Birth Control Options.

Confused about the different types of birth control? This is the complete guide to helping you make sense of your options.

This course is a non-biased, in-depth snapshot of the pros, cons, and side effects of each birth control option, and how they work. So you can make an empowered decision about birth control and your body.

The Pill Recovery Protocol: How to Get off The Pill Naturally and Get Your Cycle Back in Flow.

It’s no secret that The Pill can wreak havoc on your body. From fixing nutritional deficiencies and gut problems to getting your hormones back in balance, your body needs a lot of support when coming off The Pill.

This guide is everything I learnt from my own Post-Pill recovery, including what to expect when coming off The Pill, the best foods and supplements to take to help speed up recovery, and my favourite lifestyle tips to get you back to a happy cycle in no time.

Whether you’re thinking about coming off The Pill or you’ve already taken the plunge, this guide will help you make the best choices for your body and your cycle.

By the End of Your Seasonal Cycle, You’ll…


Have everything you need to know about your hormonal cycle, and what goes on in your body throughout the month. Everything you wish you’d learned in 7th grade.


Transform your relationship with your period. From managing cramps to discovering the most health conscious practices for more grace, ease, and flow.


Harness your full creative & productive potential, and create the life of your wildest dreams.


Get sacred sexuality practices to unlock your full pleasure potential and unleash your inner sex-goddess.


Gracefully overcome premenstrual challenges. Stop being so hard on yourself, and enjoy this phase of your cycle.


Keep your hormones balanced simply & effectively, and create a healthy lifestyle that truly works for you.

This course was amazing!

“I got much more aligned with my cycle and more connected to my female body. There was great insight on what’s happening with my cycle and how to use it for my benefit instead of working against it.

Jodie’s way of coaching, her beautiful energy, and the way she puts her heart and soul into supporting women to understand their bodies, be in flow with their cycle, and fully love and embrace their bodies creates a beautiful space for personal transformation.”

Silja Kulo, Finland

Your Menstrual Cycle Holds The Key to Your Full Feminine Potential

When you align with your cycle, you align your life.

You no longer struggle trying to fit into a rhythm that’s not meant for you.

You know how to plan your month so that every single day is aligned with where you’re at hormonally, from your energy levels to your state of mind.

You no longer suffer with painful periods, an irregular cycle or intense PMS. You understand your emotions, and how to keep them in balance.

Life takes on it’s own natural, elegant flow.

It just works. With balance, ease, and grace.

You feel energised, confident, truly radiant. Beauty from the inside out.

That’s the power of menstrual alignment. That’s the power of Your Seasonal Cycle.

Choose the Your Seasonal Cycle payment plan
that’s right for you:
One Payment of
4 x Weekly Payments

About Jodie

Jodie Milton is a sexuality & intimacy coach, writer, educator, and co-founder of Practical Intimacy. She helps women all over the world to own, love and enjoy their bodies and their sexuality.

Jodie’s work in cycle alignment began with her own personal journey to heal hormonal collapse after 10 years on the pill. Extensive research (and much trial and error) led her to developing a new approach to women’s health and lifestyle design. After experiencing a complete transformation in her hormonal health and wellbeing, Jodie started sharing this knowledge with her clients. The results were incredible.

She has since helped hundreds of women all over the world to fall in love with their cycles, heal painful periods and PMS, and to unleash their full potential as women in their personal and professional lives.