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We’re Reece & Jodie, and we help couples create life-long passion and deeply fulfilling intimacy – even when it feels like the fire’s been lost. We’re also a couple living the daily reality of relationship – sharing stories and insights straight from the front lines of our own relationship.

This Ain’t Your Average ‘Couple’s Counselling’


We do things a little differently around here.

No judgey psychoanalysis. No pseudo-spiritual woo woo.

Just real world, practical intimacy.

Sex Causing Conflict?
Remove the frustration and reignite desire with our complete, step-by-step guide to initiating sex in a long-term relationship.

How to fix low libido complete online program for couples
Arguing About Money?
Sort your money shit out and feel more abundant with our practical, no-BS guide to becoming financially savvy. No gimmicks or get-rich-quick schemes.


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What Our Bad-Ass Clients Say…

Marriage Counselling Didn't Work...

“Before working with Jodie & Reece we were lost. We loved each other, but work and life had taken over. Being intimate was something that didn’t happen. We tried marriage counsellors but sex was the taboo topic that they never brought up.

3 months later we are ecstatic at how far we’ve come. Jodie & Reece pushed our comfort zones and our mindsets to help us reconnect.”

M & G Harris


Practical Methods To Enrich Our Relationship.

“Jodie and Reece are such warm, open, and funny people that you instantly feel at ease talking about things that can be tricky to discuss. Their love for one another is evident, making their teachings that much more rich. They are practising what they preach.

The name says it all – we now have practical methods to maintain and enrich our relationship. Highly recommend to anyone who is in a good spot or a rough patch in their relationship!”

Tania Marie


My Marriage Feels Brand New.

“I was struggling to feel connected with my husband of 28 years. Now, my marriage feels brand new and I understand my husband in a whole new way.

I’m excited by my life again, and I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend Practical Intimacy to anyone wanting to reconnect to themselves and their partner.”

Sue Deakin


Our Relationship Is More Rewarding.

“Working with Jodie & Reece has saved our marriage. We now communicate better, experiment more, and have found ways to make our sexual relationship more rewarding.

The service they provide is amazing. If you want to feel good about your relationship and your sexuality I highly recommend this work. You will not regret it!”

Amy Richards


Feeling More Connected Than Ever Before.

“I’d lost connection with myself, my partner, and my life. I felt fearful of vulnerability, and scared to be intimate and show affection.

Coaching with Reece & Jodie was life-changing. I’ve now got my priorities in order. I’m living life for me, loving my partner, and feeling more connected with myself than ever before. We’ve taken leaps and bounds in the bedroom too!”

Karl Kemister-Sheppard



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