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Reece Stockhausen & Jodie Milton are leading relationship, intimacy, & personal development coaches. For over 8 years they’ve been helping singles & couples create kick-ass lives, and relationships that rock.

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From transforming their marriage and creating deeper emotional connection… to reigniting their passion and desire for sex… to ditching the day job and launching successful businesses… this is what our clients have to say about working with us.

Marriage Counselling Didn't Work

Marriage Counselling Didn't Work

M & G Harris, Australia

    

“Before working with Jodie & Reece we were lost. We loved each other, but work and life had taken over. Being intimate was something that didn’t happen. We tried marriage counsellors but sex was the taboo topic that they never brought up. 3 months later we are ecstatic at how far we’ve come. Jodie & Reece pushed our comfort zones and our mindsets to help us reconnect.”

I've Never Felt So Healthy

I've Never Felt So Healthy

Ari B., United States

    

“I first signed up for women’s coaching because I felt like I didn’t know myself. That reflected in my confidence, my relationships, and how I carried myself. It’s crazy to look back and think about where I was only months ago.

Jodie was everything I could have dreamed of as a coach and I got exactly what I needed and wanted. She created a safe space for me to work through hardships, insecurities, and I’ve never felt so healthy. From the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful.”

Living Life On My Own Terms

Living Life On My Own Terms

Charlie L., Animator, United States

    

“Reece helped me get in touch with an unprecedented sense of self-empowerment. I now feel a daily sense of gratitude and belonging. He’s helped me shatter the old script and replace it with one entirely designed by myself. I’m no longer waiting in line. I’ve hopped the turnstile, and I’m living life on my own terms.”

We've Reignited Our Relationship

We've Reignited Our Relationship

Kira Hawke, Australia

    

“Practical Intimacy have been so helpful and supportive with myself and my partner. They’ve taught us so much and really reignited our relationship. Thank you, Jodie and Reece.”

I've Realised My Life's Dreams

I've Realised My Life's Dreams

Blair Ferguson, Australia

    

“I was extremely skeptical about spending money on my personal development. On reflection it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. My life has completely transformed – I left a toxic relationship, and realised my life’s dreams of having a successful art exhibition. Something I was dreaming of for nearly two decades. I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t thank you enough Reece.”


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