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With practical, evidence-based tools to create lasting transformation in your relationship and personal life.

Without the years of boring therapy
Without talking endlessly about problems
Without the confusing, spiritual woo-woo

Sex & Relationship Education… That Doesn’t Suck

As trusted coaches and mentors, we help singles and couples create kick-ass lives… and relationships that rock.

Since 2014, Practical Intimacy has been dedicated to the science of personal development, healthy relationships, and sexual empowerment. We share some of the knowledge, experience, and insights we’ve gained from our lives and marriage, as well as keeping up-to-date with current studies and delivering grounded, practical, and research-based strategies through our 1:1 coaching practice, programs, articles, and events.

We believe that intimate relationships are one of the fastest paths to healing the past and sorting your shit out.

But that process doesn’t need to be boring or time-consuming.

In fact, with the help of the latest cutting-edge tools, it’s possible to transform your life, your relationship, and your sex life… AND have fun while you do it.

Our process is so much more than just sitting around talking about your feelings.

And unlike most of the self-proclaimed gurus in the coaching industry, we don’t believe in regurgitating toxic positivity platitudes, or personal development cliches.

But we DO believe that with the right science-backed mindsets, tools, frameworks, and support, you can create a life of abundance, passion, and love.

Your way, and on your own terms.

With our personally-tailored approach, we help you have life-changing insights, break free of unhealthy patterns, and develop your greatest strengths.

So Who Are We…? And How Do We Know About This Stuff?

We first started seeing each other in 2012. And if you had’ve told us then that we’d end up getting married, we would’ve laughed in your face 😂

You see, we both had what’s known as ‘commitment issues’:

  • We’d both experienced heartbreaking long-term relationship break-ups
  • We’d both struggled with a lack of connection, emotional intimacy, and physical intimacy in those relationships
  • and we both had that all-too common experience of ‘losing ourselves’

(Maybe you can relate…?)

So when it came to love and relationships, it’s safe to say we were jaded AF.

Yet despite all the baggage, we couldn’t deny the connection we felt.

And so with great trepidation, but a willingness to give it another go, we set out to answer the question:

Isn’t There A Better Way To Do Relationships?

That journey has led us all over the world:

From months-long Tantric Sexuality retreats in India and beyond…

To studying with some of the world’s most esteemed sex & relationship experts like John & Julie Gottman, Ester Perel, Layla Martin, and Kim Anami…

To consuming every book, resource, and workshop on how to get this love & life thing right…

And here we are, all these years later, with an arsenal of tools to create more connection, passion, and intimacy than we ever thought possible.

We can honestly say that our relationship is the best thing we’ve ever created:

We help each other be our best selves, and together we live our own radically authentic lives, running a business together, and working with inspirational people all over the world.

We’re also full-time travellers (global pandemics notwithstanding 😕), living in amazing places like Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Portugal, Greece, and (occasionally) our homeland, Australia.

It’s not all smooth sailing though. And our relationship is far from perfect. We’re still messy, complicated humans.

But we’ve learned over the years that the art and science of personal transformation and maintaining healthy relationships can be boiled down to a few key ingredients – ingredients that anyone can learn and apply.

Jodie & Reece Rock Your Relationship Workshop

Battle-Tested Methodologies

The skills we share and teach are all put to the test in our own lives and relationship:

From handling relationship conflict with grace and embracing the challenges of life as a team… to creating lives of abundance and fulfilment… we’re committed to getting the most out of our lives and our relationship.

And we support our clients all over the world to do the same.

Trusted By Millions

Our practical, no-BS articles are trusted sources of reliable, research-backed advice, and have been featured all over the interwebs. Here’s just some of the reputable and internationally-recognized publications you can find our work featured in:

Jodie Milton & Reece Stockhausen, Relationship & Intimacy Experts @ practicalintimacy.com

Jodie Milton & Reece Stockhausen

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OK, But What Do Other People Say…?

We’ve been fortunate to work with some truly bad-ass people over the years, from Hollywood actors and influencers, to stay-at-home mums and dads. So when they say nice things about us, it makes us pretty freakin’ proud.

Our style has been described as real, relatable, fun, insightful, down-to-earth, and transformative.

But we’ll let them speak in their own words:

“Jodie and Reece are such warm, open, and funny people that you instantly feel at ease. The name says it all – we now have practical methods to maintain and enrich our relationship.”

Tania Marie


“Jodie was everything I could have dreamed of as a coach. She created a safe space for me to work through hardships, insecurities, and I’ve never felt so healthy. From the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful.”

Ari B.


“Reece can see straight through the mess and confusion to the real issues. He will take you from lost, struggling and stuck, to empowered, self-confident, and loving yourself.”

David Mee


Jodie Milton, Women’s Coach

Hey there. I’m Jodie. I help women to own, love, and enjoy their lives – and their bodies. And together with Reece I help couples to deepen the emotional connection in their relationship and sex life.

I’ve been involved in education, social science, and politics for the past 16 years, graduating from Griffith University in 2008 with a BA in International Relations, Asian Studies, and Politics, a Graduate Diploma in Education and Teaching in 2011, before transitioning from education into coaching in 2014.

I’ve since dedicated myself to the science of personal development, specializing in women’s coaching, relationship coaching, and sex coaching, earning certification in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and developing a unique approach to life and relationship coaching influenced by the work of Esther Perel, David Schnarch, Brene Brown, Julie & John Gottman, and a variety of modalities including Authentic Relating and Tantra.

Reece Stockhausen, Men’s Coach

Hi, I’m Reece. You probably can’t tell by looking at me, but I’ve battled a lot of shit over my 44 years – suicidal depression, substance abuse, severe social anxiety, emotional trauma, sexual shame, epic Nice Guy syndrome… The list could go on.

I’m definitely not enlightened. But I have spent a lot of time figuring my stuff out and learning how to transform my pain. And that’s what I help men do – to stop hiding, get real with themselves, and live an authentic life on their own terms.

My work draws on over 25 years of intensive personal development work, blending my experience, training, and qualifications in leading international Men’s Groups and workshops, Authentic Relating, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality practices, Non-Violent Communication strategies, Trauma-Informed Somatic Embodiment, Evidence-Based Mindfulness, Meditation, Martial Arts, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Timeline Therapy, and a variety of Emotional and Energetic Healing Modalities.

So What’s Next?

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