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Wondering where all the passion went?

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Want deeper intimacy & connection?

Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

If you’re in a place of stuckness, we help you to get out of it and back into passion and intimacy.

If you want to find new ways to satisfy each other and experience new levels of pleasure, we give you the tools and techniques to get you there.

We help you create the relationship that you’re longing for. And the sex-life of your dreams.

Your relationship has the power to energize, replenish, heal, and transform you.

It’s the place where you can be fully seen, heard and celebrated for who you truly are.

And we’ll help you get there.

Saved Our Marriage

Saved Our Marriage

Amy R, United States

    

“Working with Jodie & Reece has saved our marriage. We now communicate better, experiment more, and have found ways to make our sexual relationship more rewarding. The service they provide is amazing. If you want to feel good about your relationship and your sexuality I highly recommend this work. You will not regret it!”

What You Can Expect Working With Us

The tools & techniques to create a deeply satisfying relationship
A profound sense of openness and authentic communication
Intense passion & attraction that keeps getting stronger

…and a whole lot more

Marriage Councelling Didn't Work

Marriage Councelling Didn't Work

M. & G. Harris, Australia

    

“Before working with Jodie & Reece we were lost. We loved each other, but work and life had taken over. Being intimate was something that didn’t happen. We tried marriage counsellors but sex was the taboo topic that they never brought up. 3 months later we are ecstatic at how far we’ve come. Jodie & Reece pushed our comfort zones and our mindsets to help us reconnect.”

Free Consultation

Let’s all four of us jump on Zoom and talk about where you’re at in your relationship, where you want to be, and how to get you both there. In 90 minutes, we’ll share as much guidance and knowledge as we can to help get your relationship moving towards maximum potential.

We’ll share tools, and techniques and help you find new insight into your relationship and it’s dynamics. If we all feel there’s more coaching work for us to do together, perfect. But either way, you get the guidance, support, and practices you need for right now to make your relationship rock.

We've Reignited Our Relationship

We've Reignited Our Relationship

Kira Hawke, Australia

    

“Practical Intimacy have been so helpful and supportive with myself and my partner. They’ve taught us so much and really reignited our relationship. Thank you, Jodie and Reece.”

Here’s How it Works:
Step 1

Schedule a time using the calendar below. Choose a time where both you and your partner are available to speak privately with us, without distractions.

Step 2

Complete the application form. It contains a few questions to help us prep for your session and assess whether or not we can help you.

Step 3

Have your complimentary strategy call. We’ll help you get clear on how to move forward. If you’d like our help to implement the plan we put together, we can discuss that as well.

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“Thank you so much for today’s session. Just that one call has had a tremendously positive effect on my mental health. I feel so liberated and I can’t thank you enough.”

G. Foster


Practical Methods To Enrich Our Relationship

Practical Methods To Enrich Our Relationship

Tania Marie, Australia

    

“Jodie and Reece are such warm, open, and funny people that you instantly feel at ease talking about things that can be tricky to discuss. Their love for one another is evident, making their teachings that much more rich. They are practising what they preach.

Their name says it all – we now have practical methods to maintain and enrich our relationship. Highly recommended to anyone who is in a good spot or a rough patch in their relationship!”

My Marriage Feels Brand New

My Marriage Feels Brand New

Sue Deakin, Author & Teacher, Australia

    

“I was struggling to feel connected with my husband of 28 years. Now, my marriage feels brand new and I understand my husband in a whole new way. I’m excited by my life again, and I feel like a new woman. I feel so blessed to have found Jodie and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reconnect to themselves or their partner.”

Blows Therapy Out Of The Water

Blows Therapy Out Of The Water

Jasmine Lynch, Australia

    

“I’ve never experienced being coached before, but I have seen therapists, and Jodie & Reece blow all of them out of the water. I highly recommend them if you want to find a new level of intimacy in your relationship.”

My Relationship Is Stronger & More Fun

My Relationship Is Stronger & More Fun

Mike H., United States

    

“I began coaching to work on my relationship with my wife. I put her needs first and ended up losing my identity. I wanted to please her but didn’t feel confident, and I couldn’t make decisions without anxiety around how she would perceive them.

Now, I’m taking a stand for things and accessing a more confident part of myself. I understand what I want and am less timid in all areas of the relationship. It’s now stronger and more fun than ever, and I’m growing confidence in every other area of my life too.”

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