Conflict To Connection – Communication Course For Couples

Get the simple, step-by-step guide to having difficult conversations that resolves arguments & brings you closer together.



Take Your Communication & Relationship
Skills To The Next Level

Everyone knows that good relationships need good communication skills. But the how is often elusive.

This power-packed mini-course gives you the exact framework for having difficult conversations. Without all the arguments, hurt, or resentment.

You’ll get the confidence and skills to have the most challenging talks. And you’ll enjoy a new level of connection and understanding between you.

Ready to spend less time arguing and more time enjoying your relationship?

By The End Of Conflict To Connection, You’ll:

Reduce Arguments

No more fighting matches or hurtful exchanges. Start having productive conversations that help you get on the same page.

Feel Seen, Heard & Understood

No more feeling like your partner doesn’t really ‘get it’. Be understood every time – no matter how different your perspectives.

Get To The Core Of Disagreements

Understand what your arguments are really about – so you can finally sort them out, once and for all.

Master Apologies & Repairing

Repair your connection after an argument and share responsibility without feeling blamed. You’ll move past conflict faster than ever.

Stop Conflict Damaging Your Relationship

Learn the most toxic communication traps that couples fall into, and how to avoid them.

Future-Proof Your Relationship

Handle any challenge and become an unstoppable team by knowing how to have the tough conversations.

Here’s What’s Included:

The Easy-To-Follow Framework For Resolving Conflict

That’ll upgrade your communication skills and conflict-proof your relationship. Keep every conversation on track and productive, and say goodbye to destructive arguments.

Practical Steps & Easy-To-Use Prompts

Ever get stuck in arguments and not know the right things to say? We’ve made it easy with the exact SUPPORTIVE questions to ask, the RIGHT way to phrase your complaints, and the conflict-igniting words to AVOID.

Game-Changing Relationship Mindsets

These little-known secrets are the key to exceptional relationships. They make it easier to see each other’s perspectives, to take responsibility without feeling blamed, and to apologize without all the hurt and drama.

'Fighting Right' Agreements To Keep You On Track

The rules of engagement for all conflict in your relationship, including the exact DOs and DON’Ts of healthy communication and conflict resolution. 10 simple agreements that will instantly transform your relationship for the better.

Real World Scenarios & Conflicts From Our Own Marriage

We don’t just tell you how to use the framework – we show you. We’ve included breakdowns of how to apply these tools in the real world, including an in-depth look at an actual conflict we had in our relationship – and how the framework got us through.

I Didn't Think This Would Work

I Didn't Think This Would Work

J. Humphries, UK


“After 20 years together, our fights get stuck in frustration and shut down. So I honestly didn’t think this would work for us. But even though it was only me using the steps, it’s made a huge difference. We still have disagreements, but they just don’t escalate like they used to. We both feel more understood, and we’ve become better friends (and lovers) as a result. Thanks guys!”

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Transform Your Conflicts Into Connection With The Complete Communication Course For Couples

conflict to connection communication course

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INSTANT ACCESS in the Private Members Area so you can dive straight in and start leveling up your relationship today.

LIFETIME ACCESS to all content & bonuses so you can learn at your own pace, and review what you’ve learned at any time.

EASY-TO-FOLLOW VIDEO TRAININGS that teach you the exact Conflict to Connection Framework and essential conflict tools.

FIGHTING RIGHT AGREEMENTS to instantly transform the way you do conflict.

THE 4-STEP CONFLICT TO CONNECTION CHEAT SHEET with the exact prompts to use during a conflict scenario.

PERSONAL EMAIL SUPPORT – get answers to your questions and don’t struggle alone.

PLUS 6x BONUS VIDEO TRAININGS from our exclusive Rockstar Relationship Couples Coaching Program, including:

  • The Art of Apologizing
  • How to Repair Hurts After A Conflict
  • Tips & Tricks for Having Difficult Conversations
  • How to Make Each Other Feel Heard
  • Owning Your Impact
  • Conflict to Connection Framework – A Workshopped Example








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Conflict To Connection comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re so sure that this course will improve your relationship that we’re willing to back it with our 14 satisfaction guarantee.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied, simply send us an email within the first 14 days and we’ll refund you. No questions asked.

Regular Price: $97

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We're Not Scared Of Arguing Anymore

We're Not Scared Of Arguing Anymore

Megan & Connor, United States


“We were walking on eggshells and avoiding any topic that might start an argument. But it got to a point where almost anything triggered a fight because there was so much unresolved stuff between us. The way we ‘argue’ is so much healthier now, and we’re not scared of it any more. Even if we’re disagreeing, we have the tools to get through it and handle it together.”


It’s Time To Stop Having The Same Repetitive Arguments

Every conflict is costing you. And until you sort out your communication skills, it’ll keep tearing you apart.

Conflict To Connection is more than just a way to handle arguments. It’s a proven system to deepen the emotional connection in your relationship, and feel closer than ever before.

Don’t waste any more time fighting.

It’s time to start thriving.

Hey! We’re Jodie & Reece…

…Relationship & intimacy coaches, husband and wife, and co-creators of Practical Intimacy.

Since 2014, we’ve coached hundreds of couples and helped millions of readers to create more passion, connection, and intimacy. No boring theory. No confusing woo-woo. Just the practical steps to create a totally rocking and deeply fulfilling relationship.

After the honeymoon phase ended in our relationship, we started having arguments that we didn’t know how to resolve. We finally got tired of the bickering and decided to upgrade our communication skills. After years of research (and lots of trial and error) we developed an easy-to-follow framework using the best of non-violent communication, authentic relating frameworks, and conflict resolution strategies.

This approach works in our own marriage, and with the couples in our coaching practice. It cuts through the BS, gets right to the heart of any issue, and brings you back to connection. Conflict doesn’t have to be a problem – you can learn the skills to make your relationship unbreakable.

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