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If You’re Really Honest With Yourself, You Know You’re Capable Of More…

Yeah, you’ve got a job. You’re paying the bills. Life’s ticking over.

But it all feels a bit… meh.

There’s a gnawing dissatisfaction in the back of your mind… “Is life supposed to feel this average?”

You want to feel capable as a man.

You want to feel powerful, confident, in control of your life…

But you don’t…

This is exactly how my life felt 12 years ago.

I woke up one morning and my partner of almost seven years dumped me.

I was working a job I hated.

I had no friends.

No hobbies.

I was totally and completely stuck.

And no matter how hard I tried – no matter how much I pushed and struggled – I felt like I couldn’t get it right.

I had this constant anxiety, wondering if life would forever pass me by.

I felt a deep sense of shame. Like I should have it all figured out by now. And that I was failing at being a man.

So if you’re feeling this way right now, I want you to know – I get it.

The truth is, I don’t feel this way anymore.

I took responsibility for my life and decided to do something about it.

Are You Ready For that Too?

It’s Time To Get This Shit Sorted FOR GOOD


Hey there, I’m Reece. As a men’s empowerment coach, I help you become your most totally freaking awesome self.

Whatever that looks like for YOU.

Because it’s not about living up to someone else’s standards, like your parents, or your partners. The last thing you need is someone else telling you what to do.

And you sure as hell don’t need more distractions: more information, blogs, podcasts, or more bullshit ‘how to be a man’ brainwashing. The internet’s already full of that.

I help you get real with yourself and change your life for the better.

And most importantly – I help you figure out EXACTLY how to do that.

It’s not just about ‘achieving your goals’ (although we do plenty of that).

Reece Stockhausen Masculinity Coach


It’s About BECOMING THE MAN You Most Want To Be

For me, that means playing the game of life by MY rules. Everything has to be on my terms, in my way.

That’s why I now run a business that I love, travel the world with my wife, and live life 100% the way I want to.

But it’s different for everybody:

For some of my clients, it’s about living a life of passion and purpose. Realizing some grand project and doing epic shit in the world.

For others, it’s about having a truly incredible relationship. Full of freedom and adventure, AND deep connection and intimacy.

But most importantly, it’s about discovering what matters most to you. And having the confidence to live that life.

If you’re tired of trying to figure this out on your own, you’re not alone. I’ve got your back.

So How The Fuck Do You Do That?

By Cramming YEARS of Transformation Into WEEKS.

The Practical Intimacy Masculinity Coaching program is a personalized, one-on-one guidance system that gets you unstuck NOW.

I’ve condensed over 25 years and 10,000+ hours of personal development work into a focused, potent, life-changing men’s coaching program.

Together, we’ll break through all the limiting shit that holds you back. You’ll live in alignment with your highest potential. You’ll unleash the full power of your authentic masculine self.

And best of all, you’ll have fun while we do it.

Living Life On My Own Terms

Living Life On My Own Terms

Charlie L, United States

    

“Reece helped me get in touch with an unprecedented sense of self-empowerment. I now feel a daily sense of gratitude and belonging. He’s helped me shatter the old script and replace it with one entirely designed by myself. I’m no longer waiting in line. I’ve hopped the turnstile, and I’m living life on my own terms.”


We Create Change By Focusing On 3 Key Areas:


Live Your Purpose

Unlock your passion and live a life of purpose & fulfilment:


  • Simple, practical tools to get motivated & take action
  • Empowering mindsets & habits for success
  • Crush limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Remove fear & anxiety and feel confident NOW
  • The freedom to live in alignment with your highest potential


Master Your Relationships

Create real connection and a deep sense of intimacy:

  • Maintain your freedom & independence, while also feeling intimate & connected
  • Create attraction & desire that LASTS
  • Practical tools to stop fights fast and get reconnected
  • Relate in a way that helps her RESPECT you
  • Tools to communicate better and not get shut down and overwhelmed


Integrate Your Sexuality

Healthy, authentic, and empowered masculine sexual expression:

  • Feel confident unleashing your primal masculine power
  • Increase stamina & last longer in bed
  • Stop feeling guilty & ashamed of your sexuality
  • Develop presence for deeper sexual connection
  • Specific techniques & practices to pleasure your partner


“Will Men’s Life Coaching Turn Me Into Some Hyper-Masculine Alpha Male?”
“Or a super-spiritual new-age nice guy?”

“Or is it like therapy and I’ll just sit around talking about my feelings for years on end?”

Fortunately, it’s none of the above.

As a men’s life coach, I help you create change by digging into the REAL stuff. Using a no-BS method (based on years of real-world experience successfully helping hundreds of men) we’ll identify what’s important to you, what’s holding you back, and develop a clear, practical strategy to get you unstuck and moving forward.

But taking action is only half the story. The real transformation happens on the inside:

To be able to look yourself in the eye, and genuinely feel PROUD of the man that you’ve become.

You get a proven structure, high-level support, and uncompromising accountability to get you real, lasting results. Results that will pay you back for life.

Results Like These:


The confidence and proven strategy to live a deeply fulfilling life on YOUR terms.


Finally feel like a MAN. With an unshakable confidence and trust in who you are and what you want.

A deep sense of purpose – knowing that you’re on the right path, and in control of your destiny.

Remove the SHAME and unleash the full power of your masculine sexuality. You’ll feel more confident, powerful, and alive.


Stop fear & anxiety and take powerful, inspired ACTION.


The practical skills to tackle any challenge in your relationship with ease.


Uncover the real blocks that are sabotaging you, and REMOVE them once and for all.

Get over your ‘stuff’ around love, women, and sex, and have the kind of relationship that truly fulfils you.

Get out of your own way and stop over-thinking, analysis paralysis, and doubting yourself.

I've Become A Man I'm Truly Proud To Be

I've Become A Man I'm Truly Proud To Be

Steve Griffin, Australia

    

I now feel super confident about being myself. I can communicate my thoughts and feelings, and I have a greater understanding of how to navigate my relationship. Thank you! You have helped me become a man that I’m truly proud to be.”

Men’s Coaching Is PERFECT For You If:

You’re Ready For Something Bigger

A career, a project, a mission… but you don’t know what it is, or where to start.

Your Relationship Isn't Working

You want to end the fights, feel more connected, and get the passion back.

You're Tired Of Feeling Stuck

Like you should be further by now, and that there has to be more to life.

You Feel Ashamed Of Your Sexuality

But you want to feel authentically confident, powerful, and potent in your sexual expression.

You're A Chronic 'People Pleaser'

You’re ready to start setting stronger boundaries and prioritize what’s important to YOU.

You’ve Had A Painful Breakup

And you want to get over the heartbreak, move on, and get your life back on track.

You’re Ready To Cut The Crap

And get your shit together. No matter how uncomfortable that might be.

But Not For You If:

You're Not Ready To Take Responsibility

Stepping up and doing the real work can be scary, and you’re not ready until you’re ready. I’m here if NOW is the time.

You’re Not Prepared To Invest In Yourself

It’s easy to talk a big game, but creating change takes commitment and a willingness to put your money where your mouth is.

You're Looking For A Guru With All The Answers

Check Social Media if you want a guru to tell you what to do. That ain’t me. I help you find YOUR truth.


What’s The Next Step?

Get A Free Online Men’s Coaching Call

In 90 minutes we’ll develop a practical, straight-forward action plan to get you unstuck and moving forward.

No obligation, no expectation. No high-pressure sales tactics.

Unlike most coaches who offer a (useless) 20-minute discovery call, I won’t use your precious time to poke at your ‘pain points’ or guilt trip you into buying my program.

Instead, you’ll get actionable insights and strategies you can put into practice now. No strings attached.

If you’d like my help on a longer-term basis we can talk more about my coaching packages. If not, you’re on your way with a rock-solid plan that’s tailored to you.

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1

Schedule a time using the calendar below. Choose a time where we can speak privately without distractions.

Step 2

Complete the application form. It contains a few quick questions to help me prepare for your session and assess whether or not I can help you.

Step 3

Have your complimentary strategy call. I’ll help you get clear on how to move forward. If you’d like my help to implement the plan we put together, we can discuss that as well.

All information submitted is strictly confidential

“Thank you so much for today’s session. Just that one call has had a tremendously positive effect on my mental health. I feel so liberated and I can’t thank you enough.”

G. Foster



How Men’s Empowerment & Life Coaching Has Helped Guys Just Like You

I’ve helped a lot of different men overcome a lot of different challenges over the years:

From transforming their relationship and creating more fun and connection… to reigniting the passion and becoming more sexually confident… to ditching the day job and launching successful businesses…

But by far the biggest transformation is simply feeling happier, more confident, and more fulfilled in their lives.

Here are more of the real results real men have achieved through my men’s life coaching programme:

I've Realized My Life's Dreams

I've Realized My Life's Dreams

Blair Ferguson, Australia

    

“I was extremely skeptical about spending money on my personal development. On reflection it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. My life has completely transformed – I left a toxic relationship and realized my life’s dreams of having a successful art exhibition, something I was dreaming of for nearly two decades. I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t thank you enough Reece.”

From Lost & Struggling, To Empowered & Confident

From Lost & Struggling, To Empowered & Confident

David Mee, Australia

    

“I was emotionally enmeshed with my wife, needing validation, and didn’t have a sense of ‘myself’. I now feel secure, and have a deep love for myself. Sexually I am transformed – no more judgement, guilt, or shame.

Reece is insightful, non-judgmental, and genius in self-awareness. He can see straight through the mess and confusion to the real issues. He will take you from lost, struggling, and stuck, to empowered, self-confident, and loving yourself.”

My Relationship Is Stronger & More Fun

My Relationship Is Stronger & More Fun

Mike H., United States

    

“I began coaching to work on my relationship with my wife. I put her needs first and ended up losing my identity. I wanted to please her but didn’t feel confident, and I couldn’t make decisions without anxiety around how she would perceive them.

Now, I’m taking a stand for things and accessing a more confident part of myself. I understand what I want and am less timid in all areas of the relationship. It’s now stronger and more fun than ever, and I’m growing confidence in every other area of my life too.”

I've Discovered My Autonomy

I've Discovered My Autonomy

Tom Bowers, Australia

    

“The work Reece and I did touched on career, relationships, self-care, and much more. His honest, no-BS style has helped me to discover my autonomy, and not just swim along with the crowd. This has been profound, and is the biggest breakthrough for me. So much love for your work Reece!”

Taking Control Of My Life

Taking Control Of My Life

L. Gonzalez, United States

    

“When I began coaching I was filled with negativity. I was handling emotions and stress poorly, and I wanted to tackle the problems in my relationship and sex life. I am now more aware of myself, my triggers, my programs, and am loving myself more. This is huge, and has allowed me to be more confident. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a guide on this journey of learning the skills to take control of my life.

Simply put, coaching with Reece was fantastic. I always felt like I could rely on him to support me, motivate me, and give me perspectives on things I just couldn’t see. He really understood where I was coming from. And I could always trust him to help me find the best steps to tackle my most challenging obstacles.”

Skeptical This Would Be Some Hippy Bullshit

Skeptical This Would Be Some Hippy Bullshit

Joe Bloom, United Kingdom

    

“When I approached Reece for coaching I was in a very vulnerable place. I was skeptical this would be some hippy bullshit that didn’t actually help me other than give me some inspirational quotes. But all those fears slipped away on our first call. He understood the challenges I was facing and helped me find the strength inside again. I’m now celebrating every damn day at what I’ve overcome and how good my life is.”

Grateful For The Man I've Become

Grateful For The Man I've Become

Darren M., Australia

    

“Coaching with Reece was so much more than I expected. From coach to mentor to energetic healer, the greatest transformation is that I now have a strong belief in myself. I have been able to step through the pain in my life – not run away or hide – and come through stronger than ever.

Reece empowered me to go within, to find solutions, power, and become more of a self-assured man. I’m so grateful for the work we did, and for the man I’ve become.”

It's Been A Life-Changer!

It's Been A Life-Changer!

Karl Kemister-Sheppard, Australia

    

“I’d lost connection with myself, my partner, and my life. I felt fearful of vulnerability, and scared to be intimate and show affection. I was hesitant about coaching at first because I felt that I would be judged or seen as weak.

But after taking the plunge, I can now say it was more than worth it. It’s been a life-changer! My outlook on life has changed dramatically. I’ve got my priorities in order. I’m living life for me, loving my partner, and feeling more connected with myself than ever before. We’ve taken leaps and bounds in the bedroom too!”

Improved The Intimacy

Improved The Intimacy

Matt L, Australia

    

“My relationship with my partner was strong, but I wanted to get our intimacy back. I was concerned that men’s coaching would be too ‘spiritual’, and that I’d struggle greatly with this. But once I got into it, it wasn’t as hard or weird as I thought! Coaching with Reece has definitely improved the intimacy in my relationship. It’s brought us closer together and had flow-on effects through other areas of my life. And it’s greatly improved my self-confidence.

Reece was very easy to talk to. He came across as grounded, and someone who can relate to most things. (As opposed to talking with your doctor or other professional.) He challenged me to think differently and was a sounding board for me to work through my problems with. Things I would never discuss with my mates…”

Profound & Transformative

Profound & Transformative

Jeremy Lee Shub, Australia

    

“Reece is an incredible coach and MAN. I found him to be a perfect combination of listening and speaking. He is very wise and uses that wisdom in subtle ways. The sessions we had were profound, transformative, and have shaped my path for a year. The questions that he asked were gentle and penetrating – like an assassin’s dagger. He has a great understanding of himself and uses that insight to support others on the journey. I feel a significant authenticity from Reece – he has a commitment to truth – both mine and his own.”

I'm Now A Far Better Person

I'm Now A Far Better Person

Simon Frazer, Engineer, Australia

    

“Reece was a strong pillar for me when things were changing dramatically and I was unable to cope. He was a good sounding board, able to meet me where I was at mentally and emotionally, listening without talking over me, and equally calling me out on my stuff. He provided insights into subject matters I was too close to, and was unable to see another perspective on. I’m now a far better person, living a new life with vigour and wonder.”

I Learned How To Trust Myself

I Learned How To Trust Myself

Matt J., United States

    

“I wasn’t in a great spot and wanted to get out of the feelings of despair and emptiness after a breakup. I was looking for a ‘reset’ with someone who knew what the f*ck he was talking about around connection and heartbreak and finding purpose when I felt that I had lost touch with it.

Coaching with Reece was an enlightening experience and I’m so glad I did this. I learned how to get connected to desire, identify what feels good, trust myself, and to let that be my guide. He was the right person at the right time.”

Breakthroughs & Practical Solutions

Breakthroughs & Practical Solutions

W. Siew, Australia

    

“Reece helped me deal with relationship issues during the hardest time of my marriage. His non-judgemental listening created a safe space to speak what was on my mind. The most significant breakthroughs were unravelling the rat’s nest of my thoughts. I gained a better understanding of how I can support my wife, and practical steps in getting to solutions.”


Stop Struggling Alone & Kick-Start Your Awesome Life NOW

Most men can’t even begin to imagine what they might be capable of.

We’re not taught how to ignore all the bullshit, and tune in to our truth. We’re not taught how to hear our deepest desires, and live a life of freedom and adventure.

We’re not taught how to be wildly powerful and courageous MEN.

But if you want to know… If deep down you KNOW that there’s more you’re capable of, it’s time we talk.

I’ll help you bust through all the dodgy shit that gets in the way of living a radically authentic life.

And I’ll help you embody the ultimate potential of who you came here to be.

If you’re not living life by your own rules, but you want to be, I’m here.

If you’re ready to step up and be the man you know you can be, I’m here.

Reece Stockhausen - Masculinity Coach For Men

Hey, I’m Reece Stockhausen – Relationship, Intimacy & Empowerment Coach For Men.

In 2014 I created Practical Intimacy with my wife Jodie to support men, women, and couples to create kick-ass lives and relationships that rock.

You probably can’t tell by looking at me, but I’ve battled a lot over my 43 years – suicidal depression, substance abuse, severe social anxiety, emotional trauma, sexual shame, epic Nice Guy syndrome… The list could go on.

I’m definitely not enlightened. But I have spent a lot of time figuring my stuff out and learning how to transform my pain. And that’s what I help men do – to stop hiding, get real with themselves, and live an authentic life on their own terms.

My work draws on over 25 years of intensive personal development work, blending my experience, training, and qualifications in leading international Men’s Groups and workshops, Authentic Relating, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality practices, Non-Violent Communication strategies, Trauma-Informed Somatic Embodiment, Evidence-Based Mindfulness, Meditation, Martial Arts, NLP & Timeline Therapy, and a variety of Emotional and Energetic Healing Modalities.

Currently in Portugal, we live out of two suitcases, travelling the world in search of exotic birds and the perfect taco.