Discover The Proven Practices To Reignite Connection & Create The Soul-Deep Intimacy You Crave

Feel like you finally ‘get’ each other on a deeper level. Become an unstoppable rockstar team with these fun, easy-to-follow techniques.

Right Now, You’re Feeling Like Roommates Stuck in a Rut…

You both live busy lives…

And for what it’s worth – some things are working:

You’re a pretty good team. You handle the life admin like pros—deadlines are met, bills are paid, appointments are scheduled.

The kids/fur babies are happy and healthy.

Now, it’s not like you dislike each other or anything (Let’s be real—not every couple can say that.)


You find yourself wondering – is this what the rest of our life looks like?

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with your relationship, but deep down inside, you know something’s missing.

The truth is that your relationship is starting to feel… well – dull.

Your conversations have become redundant, surface-level, and routine…

The warmth and physical affection between you has all but dried up…

Your date nights feel boring and uninspired (maybe even to the point that you just don’t bother now.)

And if we’re being honest – it’s starting to feel like you don’t even know who your person really is anymore…

At some point, you drifted apart, and now, you’re just goin’ through the motions.

So, you’re feeling like…

You live with a roommate rather than the person you fell in love with all those years ago…

You’re avoiding the real conversations to keep things as “peaceful” as possible…

Your emotions are invalidated, and you’re not being seen, heard, or understood when you try to express yourself…

You and your roommate…er, partner…are constantly bickering over stupid stuff…

Your relationship has become a lonely place – and that scares you.

But here’s the thing… It’s not your fault.

The real problem is that no one ever teaches us how to build emotional intimacy, or how to foster deep connections over the long term.

Most of us didn’t grow up with the best role models, so we lack the tools to create a relationship that feels deeply connected.

But You’re Craving MORE From Your Relationship…

…And it’s time to honor that.

You want to feel all the good feels – and you want to feel them with your partner.

You want MORE…

DepthIntimacyEmotional (& Physical) ConnectionUnderstandingClosenessPassionExcitementFulfillment

Simply put – you want to cultivate a meaningful and fulfilling relationship that allows you and your partner to become your best selves – and you want to do that together.

Well… we want you to know that it’s possible.

You CAN have a rockstar relationship with your forever person that feels more passionate and fulfilling – no matter how long you’ve been together.

How do we know?

Because we’ve been exactly where you are.


re-ignite your love life course


The online intimacy workshop for couples that will   upgrade your communication    deepen your connection   and strengthen your relationship…
So you can rebuild the passion – without it feeling like work.

Your Blueprint for an Unbreakable Bond…

Just because you don’t feel close doesn’t mean that it has to stay this way.

The truth is that creating emotional intimacy is an art that requires a very specific set of skills.

Luckily, these are the exact skills that we’ve facilitated in sold-out intimacy classes for couples around the world, in hundreds of coaching sessions, and countless times in our own relationship.

And now, we’re giving you instant access to the proven practices that we’ve seen help even the most hardened, resentful couples immediately soften, open, and look at each other with a sparkle in their eyes again.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Into Your Proven Connection-Creating Techniques…


Emotional Intimacy

Unlock deeper levels of connection and closeness in your relationship with our unique, anyone-can-do-this formula for emotional intimacy.

Value: $197



Get in sync in less than 5 minutes with the Couple Calibration Technique. Use this simple trick to stay connected even when life gets crazy busy.

Value: $197



Feel loved and chosen like never before with the Appreciation Method. You’ll acknowledge, celebrate, and adore each other, while building a strong culture of support and cooperation in your relationship.

Value: $197


Connected Touch

Open up more tenderness and affection between you for deeper, more meaningful physical intimacy. You’ll discover new ways of giving and receiving affection and love – without falling into boring old ruts or feelings of expectation.

Value: $197


Deep Conversation

Say goodbye to boring conversations and hello to The Curiosity Method. Go beneath the surface and experience profound new levels of connection and understanding. Works for date nights, everyday conversations, and even navigating challenges.

Value: $197


Reignite The Spark

Recapture the magic of the past and build exciting plans for your future with The 4 Levels of Meaning. You’ll revisit the excitement, adventure, and playfulness of your best moments as a couple to help you rebuild + nurture long-lasting closeness.

Value: $197

Total Value: $1182

Regular Price: $297

But when you join
today, you’ll pay:



Plus, You’ll Unlock the Vault of Freebies With These Bonuses…


We regularly use these questions with our coaching clients and in our own relationship to feel closer. They’re a priceless resource that you can use over and over again to nourish your relationship for the long term.

These connection questions will help you:

  • Feel closer and more connected.
  • Learn more about each other – no matter how long you’ve been together.
  • Never run out of things to talk about on a date night.

Other coaches and therapists sell these prompts as card games with hefty price tags – but they’re yours for free as a bonus when you join The Connection Cure!

101 Connection

The Art of Validation
Cheat Sheet


Most couples struggle with reflective listening and making each other feel seen and heard. We know how painful that can be, so we’ve simplified things with a 12-page guide to the Art of Validation.

You’ll get:

  • 5 game-changing insights to make your partner feel seen and heard.
  • The hidden traps to avoid when trying to ‘be there’ for your partner (this will prevent hundreds of conflicts, promise!).
  • 48 powerful prompts, follow-up questions, and the most heart-connecting words to nail validation.


Planning out your future or setting goals together can be fun quality time – but not if your goals are taking you in different directions (or you’re having to drag answers out of your reluctant partner.)

The Conscious Relationship Workbook will help you:

  • Get on the same page about your future with our easy 4-step goal-setting system
  • Spark excited conversation about your vision as a couple
  • Elevate your purpose and create a deeper sense of meaning and direction for your relationship.

Conscious Relationship

Here’s What Couples From Our Workshops Are Saying…

“My partner and I attended one of Jodie and Reece’s workshops together and a year later we’re still feeling the positive impacts. They made us instantly feel comfortable talking about deep topics that have previously been tricky for us, and we had so many breakthroughs. The name says it all – we now have practical methods to maintain and enrich our relationship.”

Tania Marie

“My husband and I both had an amazing experience and learned all kinds of new things about each other and ourselves. I was so proud of my husband for sharing, he even teared up during one of the exercises. Thank you so much for allowing us that space to connect. We can’t wait to do it again!”

Joelene Mulholland

“We were going through a winter in our marriage. We were distant and constantly misunderstanding each other. Now, it’s like we’re finally a team again. I’ve felt so much hope taking this intimacy course. Thank you for equipping us with the skills to be better listeners for each other.”

Alice & Nick

Nurturing Your Relationship & Cultivating Connection Without Stress

We’ve taken the boring, laborious work out of ‘improving your relationship’ by curating a series of 5 easy-to-digest, exciting-to-play, and fun-to-implement games where you’ll learn the exact ingredients for creating more emotional intimacy in your relationship.

You’ll receive step-by-step guidance as we walk you through the tools and strategies you need to reignite your connection (no matter how long you’ve been together or how flat your relationship feels right now.)

Is Your Relationship Ready For The Connection Cure?

You’re ready to take your relationship to new depths if…

You love your partner, and you’re willing to do what it takes to make your relationship work

You think honesty, openness, and vulnerability are sexy AF

You want to understand each other on a deeper emotional level

You’re ready to go on an adventure and have some fun with your partner

You want to break out of your relationship rut and unlock a new level of intimacy and passion in your relationship

You’re NOT ready for the Connection Cure if…

You’re on the brink of divorce and already have one foot out the door

You don’t want to be vulnerable, authentic, or talk about anything meaningful

You’re not willing to set aside even 1 hour per month for your relationship

You’re not open to trying anything new or different in your relationship

Let’s Build YOUR Rockstar Relationship…


Each workshop module takes you through these 4 steps:



Watch the bite-sized training to learn the Art of Intimacy.



See us demo the exact tools and break it down step-by-step.



Your turn! Follow along with the connection games for instant intimacy.



Discover how to use your new skills in everyday life for ongoing connection.

Once You’ve Completed Each Workshop, You Will…

Have a fresh, new energy that gets you excited about spending time together…

Feel safe talking about the ‘deep stuff’ because they’re actually listening and finally just get it…

Be full of affection, laughter, and playfulness again…

Stop arguing and bickering because you’re less triggered, and have the tools to connect effectively…

Foster a space for both of you to feel seen, loved, chosen, and cherished…

Get excited about date night again because you know how to share with each other…

Stop aimlessly scrolling your phone + binge-watching Netflix because you spend your evenings actually connecting on a deeper, more intimate level…

Hey! We’re Jodie & Reece…

…Relationship & intimacy coaches, husband and wife, and co-creators of Practical Intimacy.

Since 2014, we’ve coached hundreds of couples and helped millions of readers rebuild connection and foster more passionate and purposeful relationships with our unique approach to communication, conflict resolution, and closeness.

We’ve worked with everyone from Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley CEOs to stay-at-home parents and newlyweds. Our work combines research-based tools, esoteric and spiritual practices, and our personally-developed, marriage-tested approach to modern relationships.

We’re kinda obsessed with all things intimacy – both physical and emotional – and we’re here to raise the standard on relationships, and help couples build the most wildly satisfying connection possible.

Here’s a Recap of What’s Inside Your Couple’s Intimacy Course…

re-ignite your love life course

INSTANT ACCESS to the Private Members Area so you can play the games in the comfort of your own home. Watch them all at once as a cute couples retreat, or space them out over a series of date nights.

5 x powerful facilitated experiences that will ignite the intimacy in your relationship and strengthen your connection for years to come (lovingly + strategically crafted by us after 10+ years working with couples.)

28 x practical, bite-sized video trainings that teach you the Ingredients of Intimacy and how to apply your new-found intimacy skills in your everyday relationship.

Authentically recorded, on-demand demonstrations on how to play the intimacy games. Get an unfiltered peek into our relationship and what moment-to-moment intimacy looks like.

6x downloadable guides to follow along with and easy short-cut sheets you can use anytime you need to reconnect.

Easy-to-follow conversation prompts that make your conversations more fulfilling, intimate, and transparent.

LIVE email support from us (Reece & Jodie) to help with all your intimacy questions and cheer you on along the way. (Don’t stay stuck – we’re here to help!)

LIFETIME ACCESS to all content & bonuses so you can learn at your own pace, and review what you’ve learned at any time.

101 Connection-Creating Questions

The Art of Validation Cheat Sheet

Conscious Relationship Workbook







Total Value: $1182

Regular Price: $297

You pay:



Start your journey of building a deep, long-lasting connection NOW…

No Risk – ALL Reward

If you were to learn these strategies by working with us in our elite couple’s coaching program, you’d pay close to $10,000. Even our in-person group workshops are in the thousands of dollars.

These intimacy practices work. We’ve taught them to hundreds of couples over the years, and we’ve seen firsthand how profound the impact is.

That’s why we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you buy the course, try out the exercises, and don’t walk away feeling closer and more connected to each other, just email us within 14 days of buying the course, and we’ll happily give you a full refund.


Have FUN
While You

Who says learning has to be boring? These intimacy techniques are crafted as mini-workshops designed to have you laughing and enjoying each other’s company from start to finish.


The course is designed to give you an instant experience of connection – perfect to play on a date night or after a long day at work when you want to reconnect.

NO Boring

OK—there is some< theory in this course (‘cause we want you to develop new skills and upgrade your relationship.) But we’ve kept all the theory bite-sized, practical, and easy to follow.

Real Demos
From Us

We’ve removed all the guesswork by giving you live demonstrations of us playing the games (and no, they’re not scripted! You get a rare window into our relationship and how we use these techniques to stay connected after 12+ years together).

This Sounds Amazing, But What If My Partner Doesn’t Want To Do This With Me?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We know that bringing up new ideas and things to try can be scary. What if they don’t understand what it’s about? What if they say ‘no’?

Well, to make sure your partner can’t help but say YES to doing this with you, here are a few word-for-word scripts that you can use to explain why this is the perfect program for you both.


“Hey, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if we tried something new and fun together? I found this couple’s course on emotional intimacy that sounds really interesting and growth-focused. I believe it could bring us even closer and add a new dimension of connection and excitement to our relationship. Plus, it’s always fun to learn and grow together, right?

The course is online and completely confidential. Would you be open to doing it with me? (I’ll send you the link so you can learn more about it)”


“I’ve been reflecting on our relationship, and while I love what we have, I’m craving something deeper. I think taking a couple’s course on emotional intimacy could really help us explore new levels of connection and understanding. It’s not about fixing anything that’s broken, but about nurturing and deepening our bond in ways we might not have explored before.

The course is online and completely confidential. Would you be open to doing it with me? (I’ll send you the link so you can learn more about it)


“You know, lately I’ve been feeling a bit lonely in our relationship, and I’ve realized that we could benefit from strengthening our emotional connection. I think taking a couple’s course on emotional intimacy could really help us understand each other better and feel more connected. It’s not a therapy course that’s dredging up problems or anything, it’s about enriching what we already have.

The course is online and completely confidential. Would you be open to doing it with me? I’ll send you the link so you can learn more about it.”

This might seem deceptively simple, but here’s why it works:


It helps your partner see that this isn’t some boring theory class – or deep dive into everything that’s wrong with your relationship. This intimacy course is a fun, playful way to deepen connection and feel closer to each other.


It helps your partner realize that you want to do this with them because you love them – not because they’re in trouble. It will disarm their defenses and make them want to say yes to you.

What If I (Or My Partner) Really Suck At Talking About Feelings And Stuff?

That’s exactly why we created this course. We know that talking about emotions and the deep-and-meaningfuls can be really challenging for people.

That’s why we’ve broken down the elusive ‘connection’ into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step framework and given you the exact questions to ask, helpful prompts, and new ways of approaching conversations so that you can both nail emotional connection and help each other feel seen, heard, and understood like never before.

(No more feeling stuck with what to say or wondering if you’re ‘doing it right.’)

You’ll also watch us do genuine, live demos of every tool we teach, so there’s no guesswork around what to do.

What If We’re Too Busy To Make This Work?

We get it. Life is genuinely more hectic than it’s ever been, and there’s a million-and-one things pulling at your attention.

AND… If you can’t dedicate even 1 hour to your relationship each week, you’re in serious need of a priorities overhaul. (#hardtruth)

There will always be reasons to put off prioritizing your relationship. There’s always something that seems more urgent. Maybe you’re there thinking, “But once X, Y, and Z happen, it’ll be easier. I’ll wait til then.”

But this is exactly how relationships get so neglected in the first place.

Don’t live even one more day feeling disconnected, lonely, or underwhelmed by your relationship.

Not when it’s possible to revive your connection, feel closer than ever, and create the kind of relationship that inspires you (and others)—in as little as one hour per week.

The time is never going to be 100% ‘perfect’ – but the best time is NOW.


How do we gain access to the course after we pay?

Once you complete your payment, you’ll be redirected to the private course area. (You’ll also receive login prompts via email.) Just log in to the member’s area and the whole course is there ready and waiting for you.

How long will the course take?

The course is designed to fit into your busy schedules. You can complete the whole course as a cute weekend retreat over 4-5 hours, or you can space it out 1 hour / week over a month.

Will we see results immediately?

Absolutely! You’ll start to communicate differently from the very first workshop. But changing ingrained relationship patterns may take a little bit more time. If you put these skills into practice in your everyday life, your relationship will feel completely different in less than a month.

Do we both have to complete the course?

Yes – this course is designed for you to take together. Each module includes an intimacy game for you to play with each other – it only works if you’re both showing up to play. If you’re not sure how to get your partner on board, check out our ready-made scripts.

Total Value: $1182

Regular Price: $297

Today’s price:



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