7 Awesome Things Your Breasts Are Trying To Tell You

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We’re not paying enough attention to our breasts.

Wait,… what!?

As a culture, we’re obviously fascinated by them, yet we’re overlooking their larger role in our health and well-being as women.

Your breasts can be a gateway to deeper levels of connection, sexual pleasure, and communion with self. But to get there you’ll need to listen up!

Here’s 7 things your breasts might be trying to tell you.

#1 “You’ve ovulated!”

As women, we’re not well educated to understand our cycles or our bodies.

For most of my life, I thought of ovulation as a mysterious process that could happen at any time. While I had learned that ovulation happens at around day 14 of your cycle, I didn’t feel very confident in that knowledge.

I grew up believing I could get pregnant at any time, which meant there was often an undercurrent of paranoia whenever I had sex. Something I think a lot of women can relate to.

But your body gives you very specific signs about what’s going on in your cycle each month.

Including when you’ve ovulated.

As M.D. Jerilynn Prior points out, a common sign of ovulation is sore breasts, specifically on the sides of your breasts beneath your armpit, in the second half of your cycle.

It’s caused by progesterone, the hormone that your body produces after ovulation, and it can be one of the many signs you monitor for fertility tracking.

You can’t work out the exact day you’ve ovulated judging from sore breasts alone, but it can be a confirmation that your ovaries are working as they should.

#2 “Touch us!”

Breasts play a significant role in women’s sexual pleasure. When aroused, a woman’s breasts can swell to up to 25% of their normal size, and become much more sensitive.

Stimulating them releases a flood of neurochemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin, and also causes the vagina to swell and lubricate – preparing her for penetration and releasing even more pleasure chemicals into your body.

But the best part? Nipplegasms.

Yep, they’re a real thing.

Scientific research is now beginning to understand why. A recent study revealed that stimulating the nipple activates the same region of the brain that’s activated by stimulation of the vagina and clitoris. And since orgasm happens in the brain, this reveals why you can reach orgasm from breast play by itself.

Whether you reach orgasm is irrelevant. Breasts love to be touched, so give them the love and attention they deserve.

#3 “Uh-oh… your hormones are out of balance”

Got sore breasts in the weeks before your period? It’s a pretty clear indication that your hormones are out of balance.

If they’re sore at the front and up over the nipples, it tends to indicate higher than optimal estrogen levels, which can prevent ovulation. If both the side and the front are tender, you’ve probably ovulated, but your progesterone levels are low and you’re suffering from estrogen dominance.

Basically, your hormones aren’t functioning as they should.

Hormone imbalance, if left unchecked, can cause serious health issues. Sore breasts may be their way of getting your attention to do something about it.

Get your hormones tested and start getting your body back into balance.

#4 “Freeeedom!”

Your lymphatic system acts as your body’s detox system, it flushes toxins from your body and keeps tissues clean and healthy. It also plays a crucial role in your immune system, carrying white blood cells throughout the body.

But the lymphatic system requires physical movement to function properly. And since most breasts spend their days shackled in bras, toxin removal from the breast tissue is often inhibited.

The answer? Breast massage. There’s specific techniques you can learn, but even 5 minutes of gentle massage will dramatically improve your breast health.

It’s also important to ease up on all those intense underwire and push-up bras.

Keep your lymph in mind and wear something that allows as much free flow as possible. Wireless bras, sports bras, bikini tops, or even supportive camisoles for smaller size breasts can be a great option. And be sure to sleep braless and go without during the day as often as you can.

#5 “It’s time to let go”

In Taoist and Tantric traditions, the breasts are seen as the physical manifestation of the heart centre – the area of the body most associated with love, compassion, and connection.

In these traditions, breast massage is seen as a powerful way to connect with these loving, heart-centred qualities.

It’s also an essential part of sexual play to increase intimacy between you and your partner.

On a hormonal level this makes sense. Stimulating your breasts releases oxytocin, the neuro-chemical associated with love, affection and bonding.

So the more you touch your breasts, the more loving you will feel.

Taoist and Tantric philosophies take this heart/breast connection even further, suggesting that blockages of the heart centre can affect overall breast health, and their general size, shape and firmness.

So how to nurture the energetic health of your breasts?

A regular practice of cultivating forgiveness, compassion and letting go will keep your heart centre clear, and you’ll begin to notice much happier and healthier breasts.

#6 “Lay off the coffee”

Are your breasts looking a little smaller?

Research has shown* that too much caffeine can shrink your breasts. If you drink three or more coffees a day you may be affecting your bust size.

Smaller breasts may be the least of your worries though; that much daily caffeine is likely causing a variety of other health issues.

If your breasts are looking smaller, they may be sending you a message to cut back on those espressos and start looking for other ways to boost your energy.

#7 “Love thy breast-self”

There’s a lot of harmful messages about breasts in the media, and we end up internalising a lot of it. We worry about our breasts’ size, shape, firmness, nipple colour, and everything in between.

So much judgement!

For too many of us, we get so caught up in comparing our breasts to some imaginary ideal that we end up destroying our relationship with the beautiful breasts we do have.

To turn this around, start noticing how you feel about your breasts. Journal about them and ask yourself if you’re really giving them all the love and healthy, positive attention they deserve.

Then choose radical self love, using positive affirmations to improve your self talk about your breasts. Dress them up in clothes that make them feel appreciated and beautiful. Spend time massaging them and connecting with them.

And if you feel you have some issues around your breasts that you’d like to clear, get in touch for a one-on-one video call.

I help women shift old traumas, limiting beliefs and shame around their breasts, and I’ve seen it completely transform the way they show up in the world. If you want some of that, apply here.

Loving your breasts is one of the most powerful steps you can take to loving and accepting yourself as the beautiful woman that you are. And listening to all of the messages they might be sending you is a sure way to improve your relationship with them and to start living as your most potent and radiant feminine self.

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